Announcing the new Paymo Support Community

We’re constantly working on improving our services, a key element of this process is our Support Community. Today we’re unveiling a new redesigned version.

paymo support community

Why the redesign?

We tried to create a cleaner design and a friendlier user interface. Most of our focus was on making it simple to post new ideas, questions and bugs. You no longer need an extra username and password to post on the community. In the past due to the fact that we used a third party service for this (GetSatisfaction) the whole process was more painful for our users and we had no control over the experience.

Now, once you’re logged in to your Paymo account you can simply start posting and commenting in the community. You can also do it directly from your Paymo account without leaving it via the feedback widget.
As before, the community is structured around the concepts of new ideas, problems, questions and thank you notes. If there’s a comment or an idea that you agree with you can up-vote it, more votes mean more chances that the feature will be implemented. All previously submitted topics have been moved to the new system, however we could not retain the user associations.

We hope that with the launch of our new support tool we will be even closer to our users and we’ll be able to offer better and faster support. If you have any questions or notice any problems let us know.

6 Responses to “Announcing the new Paymo Support Community”
  • Mara Alexander says:
    May 4, 2012 at 11:20 pm

    And yeah…. I’m trying to submit something now, under “report a problem”, and the form submit action is “stuck.” I hit the “continue” button, and it keeps trying to submit….but never completes. It’s been “running” for the last 4 minutes.

    My Internet connection is fine (and very fast), so the problem is clearly on GS’s end. One of the many reasons their service has always annoyed me and I don’t use it for our company.

  • Ah, this explains why all my previous posts from get satisfaction were deleted this morning. And apparently were not transferred into the new system, pretty disappointing.

    • All previous posts are in the system, however we could not keep the user associations. In the new system the user from the help system is the same as your Paymo user – this has a lot of benefits.

  • Is there a way to get a full list print out of clients and their contact information? maybe even have the projects listed for them. I need to contact all my customers from the road and want a page to make notes on and call from. it would take to much time to go through my phone web browser to get info.

  • Hi Aaron, this is not possible at the moment – sorry.

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