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Merry Christmas!


May this Christmas mark the beginning of a wonderful year for us. Have a joyous Christmas!

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During the weekend we learned that Salesforce took a tough decision and decided to shut down - their project & task management app. The Do service will be taken offline on January 31, 2014. It’s pretty sad to see a big corporation shut down yet again a promising new product and leave users out in the cold.

Now the good news – Paymo 3 comes to the rescue! According to the website they are working on an export tool. As soon as we’ll learn more on the subject we’ll look into ways of helping you move your data over to Paymo so you can get back to work. You’ll be able to easily create & track projects and task, collaborate with your team using discussions, file sharing or task assignments – all in a slick interface.

We encourage you to see for yourself by signing up for a Paymo 3.0 beta account here and give the system a test drive.
If you have any questions please let us know!

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How to improve your expense process

Company expense privileges are one of the perks every employee wish they had access to, but few know how much harm it can do if it’s not dealt with properly. If you didn’t have a clear structure before, you don’t have any excuses anymore, we have 7 tips that will help you understand that with great power, comes great responsibility.

If you have a clear expenses policy it will make everything official and will help your employees have something to turn to when they need information regarding expenses. Most companies have a policy, but a lot of their employees don’t understand what it’s about. This is why you need to structure a clear and easy to understand expense policy. No one has time to read dozens of pages of rules and policies, we all look for the “I have read and accept the conditions” button.

Everyone needs to understand that having a good expense policy, will benefit your company by keeping track of expenses and also when you have to present proof to the IRS or other financial agencies.

Make sure you don’t bury your people under paperwork because this will discourage them to step up to the plate. Although it might not feel like it, but having a complicated expense process will make creatives hold back on their ideas if the process is too tedious.

Needing duplicates of the triplicates and pre approvals for the actual approval will cost your company precious hours and resources.

Keeping it simple means that you need to collect essential information. When it comes to expenses the best “evidence” is to keep receipts, pictures/scans of receipts and even saved emails that authorize those expenses.

If you have a business trip, make sure that you have more than a picture in the airport to prove your trip. If you’re in charge with wooing clients and showing them a good time, the best thing would be to have a list of the people involved and an official document that proves their presence for negotiations.

It’s also important to be firm when accepting expenses. You need to keep an eye on what the money is spent on and make sure that the people in charge of regulating these expenses share accountability with the ones that submitted the paperwork.

Doing everything on time is a two way street. Your job as an employer is to make sure that your employees are getting paid on time, doing the opposite will make your employees think twice before taking that trip, which could cost you in the long run.

 Turning in paperwork on time is the employee’s job, so make sure they understand their responsibility. Some of the worst accounting nightmares are caused by people not submitting their expenses on time. This can affect both sides, the employee is short on money, because he used his own, and the accountant is frustrated because he needs to work his magic to make sure the company isn’t drained of too much money at once. Having a dozen employees asking for a couple of thousand dollars at once can cause big problems.

You need to remember to make the most of the available technology. Cloud storage, sharing, tablets and smartphones make everything accessible. There are tools like Paymo that help you take part in discussions remotely, share files and this makes approving an expense submission extremely simple.

All you have to do is to have the necessary technology and make sure this is covered by your expense policy.

All of the above is worthless if you don’t evaluate your submitting process and the actual expenses. Let’s say you implemented a new policy, you need to have a follow up and see if it’s efficient. You need to have periodic evaluations and check with your employees and their managers to see how the new policy is working.

One of the most important aspects of the expense process is to keep track of the receipts. Check them periodically and make sure that they match with the submitted expense. If you want to be even more thorough, digitize everything and keep digital copies.

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Project management tips for bloggers

The general idea regarding blogging is that it’s just a hobby, it’s not as serious as a “real” job, it doesn’t eat up so much time as a 9-5 job. But the fact of the matter is that there are thousands of hard working bloggers out there, and some “lucky” ones that could make any employee jealous.

The number of blogs is constantly increasing, but if you want to be successful you need to work hard and you need to follow some simple and yet vital rules:

Blog, blog, blog
The most important thing is to write and create a routine. We all know that creating is one of the most challenging things, but once you get a rhythm and a schedule going, it will become natural.

You might find excuses, like there’s nothing to write about or that you simply can’t find inspiration. That might be actually true, but you need to write nonetheless. You can get some tips about setting up a routine from famous writters here.

Avoid social networks while blogging
You might be tempted to say that being a blogger is all about multitasking. In reality that’s not true – bloggers aren’t exempted from procrastination. There’s a huge difference between completing three things at once, and focusing on one thing at a time. Let’s take for example an ordinary day where you have to write an article, do some research and keep in touch with your community.

If you’re doing all three at the same time, it will take you on average about two times more to get the job done. That’s because although you research for a while, you will eventually get sucked by the urge to check your social networks. Getting back on track has proven to take at least 15 minutes.

Have schedules and deadlines
It’s very important to have time dedicated just for work. Bloggers usually don’t have a fixed schedule, but most of the successful bloggers say that you need to have a schedule and to set deadlines. This will help you focus on the tasks at hand and will also help your community to know when to expect new posts.

Plan ahead
It’s very important because you never know what tomorrow brings. For example let’s say that you won’t be able to write for a couple of days, you’re traveling, sick or you simply don’t have time.

This is when drafts kick in. It’s very important to have at least a couple of articles laying around, that you can use in case of emergency. You can write drafts when you’re fired up with new ideas or simply when you have some spare time.

Be accountable to someone
One of the best thing of being a blogger is that you don’t have a boss, you might have clients, but no actual boss. Sometimes this might do more harm than good, that’s why you need to be accountable to someone. Find someone you respect and ask him/her to check your work from time to time. This way you will get more insight into how you’re evolving as a writter and in theory it will make you more conscious.

Schedule posts and shares
Blog platforms like WordPress allow you to schedule posts ahead of time. This way if you’re away from a computer or don’t have an internet connection, your readers will still get to read your posts. The same goes for sharing links, using a tools like Hootsuite can help schedule your posts on Facebook, Twitter and more.

Structure your posts
A great post needs structure, if it’s not easy to follow, the great idea behind it will be wasted. Write your posts in way that the reader can walk away with at least 3 good ideas just by having a quick read.

Relax, research and network
These three activities can go hand in hand if you have a good time management system. There’s nothing better than relaxing with other bloggers and friends, while you learn new things about your niche. It’s very important to socialize with other bloggers, because it will make it easier to help each other when in need.

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Something BIG is coming!

Paymo ver3 Teaser To access Paymo 3 please login at this url:

Invites sent – private beta in progress. Thanks to everyone who signed up!

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