Virtual Assistants Time & Productivity Tips

Many clients depend on their virtual assistants to be their eyes, ears and brain.  They want the VA’s eye on the future and keep up with changing technology.  They want their ears pressed to the ground to listen and react to clients’ needs and evaluate new income opportunities.  They want their brain to organize their business and get things done efficiently.

This is an easy task for the skilled virtual assistant.  ;)

But even the most skilled virtual assistant needs help with organizing their own work day and time management.   After all, time is really money as a virtual assistant because you need to maximize your billable hours while remaining efficient to help as many clients as possible.  It’s easy for the VA to get caught up in the client’s project and forget about their own business needs.

The best way to stay on track is with a schedule for both the client and your own business.

Here are some scheduling tips to keep your clients happy and your business (and personal life) in check:

  • Establish business hours: this helps create boundaries for clients and family or friends who might think it’s OK to stop by unannounced.  If you’re business hours are from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., make sure you stick to that time for your clients.  If you don’t keep to your own established hours, no one else will either.
  • Schedule time to work on your own business:  the worst time to look for new work and clients is when you need them.  By consistently marketing your own business, enhancing your skills and participating in networking events, you are committing yourself to success.
  •  Avoid multi-tasking: if you work from home, this is a big deal.  Multi-tasking can be the death of your business.  Make sure you schedule time to run errands, go to doctor’s appointments and do the laundry. Don’t try to do everything at once – you won’t get anything done.
  • Create systems:  evaluate your work day and take note of the things you do all the time and create a system to complete the tasks efficiently.  If there’s any way to automate the process, evaluate the cost of automation (if any) as compared to the amount of time you’ll save.  Remember, the “free” time you have can be converted into billable minutes or a much needed break.
  • Schedule time to relax: seriously, if you don’t put it on the schedule, you won’t have any time for yourself.  You need to relax and take time to recharge each week so that you don’t burnout.  Whether you relax with a pedicure, a book or dinner with friends, include it on your calendar and don’t cancel it.  The more relaxed and recharged you are the more efficient and happy you’ll be.

Keeping a schedule not only benefits you, but your clients as well.  It ensures you are at your best for them and available to help them when they need it.  What other items do you plan and schedule for each week or each day?

Guest post by Paymo user Ivette Muller – Virtual Assistant & Work at Home Mom
check out her blog at

3 Responses to “Virtual Assistants Time & Productivity Tips”
  • Great job Ivette! I will definitely try harder at scheduling time to relax. As a professional work-at-home caregiver, I find it difficult to operate a business to manage the doctors and things. Even though I am great at managing my clients businesses, it can be hard to keep track of mine. Thanks to Paymo – I may have found an effective tool.

  • Thanks for the tips Ivette!

    Good thing our group finds it easy to contact our agents regarding client concerns. We have their mobile numbers on record to contact us when we need it the most.

    Please check our agency’s Facebook page, we are still a startup company. :)

  • Thanks for sharing this time and productivity tips for virtual assistants. These insights are truly helpful. Cheers!

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