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As you can see we’re constantly making changes to the beta version and listening to your requests. We’ve decided to signup with, a service that handles customer feedback and requests (from their site: “a direct connection between people and companies that fosters problem-solving, promotes sharing, and builds up relationships”).

In the beta interface you’ll notice a Feedback button on the right side of the screen, clicking it will popup the getsatisfaction widget that will allow you to post your feedback about Paymo. We’ll soon have three employees listening in to your requests and hopefully solving all the issues.

In other news:

  • a new windows client (ver. 3.0) available for download in the beta version.
  • project templates are up, still missing some functionality but usable
  • list/box view switch
  • a new layout of the reports section
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  • Jan, you should hide the flash pie chart, because they overlap the feedback form. Not sure if that’s possible.

    And another thing I wanted to ask: how are the pie chart percentages calculated? Cause I’m dividing the hours worked by 160 (total working hours for a month, right?) and multiply by 100, but I don’t get the same results.

    That’s my assumption at least. And this about the time when I could be really making a fool of myself for not knowing basic math. :)

  • Windows client stack on load on my Vista computer… had to roll back to previous version.

  • Your formula is basically correct ( if the month has 20 working days and you have 8 hours per day 20*8=160 ) but only for the ” previous month ” chart.
    For the current month 20 working days is not the correct value, it is the number of working days from the beginning of the month till today.
    If we do not do it like this then your performance for the current month would allways be low.

    If this does not explain it and you still think something’s wrong the can you send us an email how you calculate in your particular case and what the numbers are

  • Ruslan, that how I do it as well (taking into account the exact number of hours for current month, week, etc.), but I still get a different number. And it’s not a decimals thing. I’ll have a look later and send some specific numbers I’m using. Thanks!

  • FYI – I downloaded version 3 of the Time Tracking Widget – and it’s not reloading new projects. I create a new project on paymo and then go to my desktop widget and hit reload – and the new project is not in there… If I exit paymo widget – then restart it, the new project does show up.

    Windows XP, SP2

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