New beta interface – now available

Dear Paymo users,
after a short private beta period we’re releasing today our new beta management interface and time tracker to the public. We would like to thank you yet again for all the feedback you’ve sent us in the past year and we hope the changes that were made to the system will make your work with Paymo more enjoyable. There are a couple of major changes along with minor improvements that we would like you to explore:

- multi-language support (major languages will be available in the coming period).
- new UI
- employees can now log in to the management interface
- ability to assign employees as project managers (enables them to create reports for the projects they are managing)
- the ability to group tasks into task lists
- the new time tracker now groups Projects by Client, and Tasks by Task Group
- new report types are available that offer more control over the information that appears in reports

To access the beta interface please use the following link: where you replace YOUR_SUBDOMAIN with your current Paymo subdomain.
Please note that this interface works with your live account!

If you have any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to contact us.

26 Responses to “New beta interface – now available”
  • Very Cool new update!
    I really like the new interface and tasklists are really great…

  • Looks nice! Good job – looking forward to the full release.

  • Yeah, it does look great. Very nice!

  • Hi Guys, Sorry, but your new interface is a step backwards…
    The old one was Clear, concise and easy to view details. The new on is far too spaced out, fonts are all smaller and it makes identifying details harder/slower….
    At least you could have stuck with the fixed width… You really need to consider usability and the speed at which the user can navigate around… after all the aim is better time management!

  • You guys rock! Thank you for working so hard on the system. It looks great and I love the option of creating task lists now, and being able to add a new task in the update for the widget. Thanks again.

  • Thanks guys, the work is not yet finished and we’re doing constant updates.
    >Justin: we’ve already addressed the issue of spacing for high resolutions, it should be online very soon.

  • I don’t really have many comments for the new interface – but more of a general suggestion:

    Please make some kind of a backup-feature available.

    I backup my websites weekly, my blog mails me a wordpress-backup every week, I run daily automated backups on all my computers etc etc etc.

    But the place I save the information, that is the basis for my invoices (the bread and butter, boys) – I have no backup. This worries me – and I have to find some kind of solution.

    Just something, so the data can be recreated manually, in case disaster strikes.

    It could be an XML-export of all data – option to send it by email at least every week (every day would be even sweeter). BaseCampHQ does something like this, if you need inspiration.

    …Oh, and thanks for an excellent product, that saves me valuable time every day. :)

  • Klaus, we make daily backups to the system so the data is pretty safe. In the future however we will allow users to export invoice data.

  • Jan>>

    I don’t expect you to go belly-up or not have a working backup. It is a matter of managing risk and minimizing threats to your business. :)

  • …And it does not have to be fancy at all. If only it is possible to re-create the data manually, that is fine.

    Like simply using what you have already created and adding an e-mail/scheduling feature:

    Check everything (and include non-billable) / Set date-range to “all time”
    E-mail to user account e-mail

    And that’s really it, you already have everything but an option to schedule and email this.

    I have now set up a task in my calendar, so I do this every Monday manually.

  • Everything has been working great until last week. My desktop app doesn’t keep time, I can’t logout and it won’t let me install again.

    Not sure if anybody else is running into the same issues.

    I do love the system though and am hopeful to find a work around or something to make it work.

  • @Klaus> thanks, we’ll see what’s the best way to handle this in the future.
    @Eric> please send us some screenshot of the problem to “support at”, and be sure to check out this post:

  • I like the old design better. It is cleaner, easier to use and I like the look, feel and usability of that site more so than the beta.

  • Bug in the new layout:

    Dashboard -> “Projects with recent activity” -> Used budget

    …the percentage is white text on white background.

    If I mark all text, I can see that “38%” is actually there.

  • Joaquin Ponte says:
    February 18, 2009 at 3:13 pm

    Sorry, but i don´t like the new interface, the old one was much more clear & simpler.
    Great tool though!!!! i´ve been useing it for a couple of weeks and it really helps with time tracking tasks and keeping your data organized.

  • @Robin & Joaquin What seems to be more complicated in the new design?

  • Well – this is relevant to this blog post.

    Create a report from the old version – and one from the new beta version. The old one uses colors to make it easier to understand – the new one does not. For that reason, I think you should take a look at the new reports and re-vamp them.

  • Jan, I personally really like the new interface (maybe because I’m so used to Basecamp and Unfuddle). I also love the fact that I can have a web base tracker. ;)

    I have one question though: what happened with the “Retire” function? Is there a way to mark projects as “completed” or am I missing something? Thanks!

  • Hi Adrian, the retire function is still there, but you need to edit a project in order to see the link. I’m really glad you like the interface, we wanted a more standardized look&feel, something that we can build on in the future.

  • Hi Paymo team, thank you for your time spent on improving the interface. As with all changes, there will be more negative than positive feedback in the start – but will turn in positive feedback later. I like colours of new interface, which made it more clean, and I disagree with the design approach, which made the interface less usable – too BIG. horizontally – yet on widescreen it’s like wathing the tennis from middle of the field, and vertically – scroll down almost two screens down to “create report” button. And I like new reports and tasks lists.

  • David Mach says:
    March 1, 2009 at 8:47 pm

    Current interface is modern Web2.0 like, while new interface is in “corporate” design. Ideal feature is choice from more existing interfaces…

  • The new interface is significantly more mature and corporate than the current one, but there are some minuses as well:
    1. The main problem is the color palette. The current one is less eye-irritating, but more effectively capturing your eyes attention. For the comparison, look at the ‘Projects’ section.
    The current design has more soft and nature colors, so you don’t need to concentrate to find the needed item quickly. The beta design is a bit too over-contrasted, thus making it harder to quickly find something.
    2. The newer dashboard is a bit messed up when comparing to the old one. May be, putting the clearer outer borders for each section could help a bit.

    Anyway, this is surely a great step forward, thanks for a great job!

  • joaquin Ponte says:
    March 3, 2009 at 4:44 am

    I don´t like the fact that i have to scroll down to search for the create report button for example.
    i think the current interface is much more compact, and i´m not talking about design, look & feel… is just saying the space between things is much more bigger and is a bit disturbing.
    The repot section was easier to understand, the projects section also, there was a frame for every project that made it easier to locate the info.
    The dashboard had the % numbers in each pie chart, also easier to read the info at a glance. Each project in the dashboard had total hours allocated and the amount of hours worked for that project, now that info is gone! Whyyyyy?!?!Why?!!?!!? jajaj
    The client list was nicer divided in two columns, it also made the list a bit shorter.
    I´m glad that you are listening to all the opinions, because growth is made on good and bad reviews.
    I´m a big fan of the current interface… can i keep it? jaja
    in spite of my comments I love paymo!!!! the best time tracker on the web!!!! Great tool!!!!

  • Hi there,
    1. thanks a lot for your site&functionality !! Great job !!
    2. what I really (I mean really) miss is the ability to sort the report by datetime. Is it possible? Have I overlooked it somewhere? would be great to be able to sort the report by any criteria which is displayed.
    3. not too important for me as I really only use Paymo widget and go online just to get the report at the end of the month (to enter data manually into my company’s time tracking system), on my 24″ widescreen the new beta seems to be a LITTLE too much spaced vertically. lots of scrolling involved :-)
    Thanks again.

  • Thanks guys for the feedback. I’m sure we won’t be able to keep everyone perfectly happy about the interface, but we’ll do our best to make it as good as possible keeping in mind people with lower resolutions and funky browsers:)

  • If you ever want to see a reader’s feedback :) , I rate this post for four from five. Decent info, but I just have to go to that damn google to find the missed pieces. Thanks, anyway!

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