New Features: Client Portal & Live Reports

Today we’re announcing the launch of our new client portal and a redesigned reporting module. This new set of features will allow your clients to securely access invoices and shared reports.

client portal

Up until now you were only able to share invoices with your clients via email or permalinks. Now, your clients will be able to login securely to the client portal and view all their invoice history in one place. To give access to your clients simply edit their record and click on the “Has Access” checkbox to create their user account. The login information can be emailed to your client directly from Paymo.

Client portal

We also have some exciting features for reports. The reporting module has been redesigned and some new concepts were introduced:

  • Private & shared reports from now on you will be able to share reports with your clients, the shared reports will show up in the client portal. You will also be able to share reports with clients via permalinks just like invoices
  • Static reports offer you a snapshot of your timesheet data at a particular moment in time. This is the type of report that was generated until now by the old reporting module. All these reports can now be stored forever in Paymo for yourself or your clients.
  • Live reports offer you up to date information about your timesheets, they are generated each time someone views the live report. If you share live reports with your clients they will be able to see live progress for their projects as work gets done. (if you’ve used Presets in the past please convert these to live reports, presets will be phased out in the near future).
  • Redesigned reports module - we streamlined the layout of the report creation page and introduced a report page list view for easy access to your stored reports.

We hope you will enjoy these new features, if you have any questions or feedback please comment here or use the contact form on our website.

We’ve introduced two new features that allows you to “Edit/Save” and “Save As” any report you create. It seems that our decision to not introduce these features was a rushed decision that made some people unhappy with the new reporting tool. After receiving a lot of constructive feedback (thank you!) we quickly took the decision to build the editing features. 

39 Responses to “New Features: Client Portal & Live Reports”
  • Hi,

    new report configuration looks nice ;)

    but how to select single projects?

    have a nice day

  • Looking good!

  • What happened to reports that we had previously saved? I do not see them available in my account any longer.

  • Thank you so much, really usefull! hope I don’t work for Dunder Mifflin! jajaa

  • Confused. I use to be able to select a project and get a report that showed all times for each task for that project. Is that gone?

    I see the section where you can select a single project, but when I am on that page, I no longer see the option to to get the all the times for all the tasks.

  • Must be Monday…just figured it out :-)

  • It is necessary to use more clicks/time to generate reports I am used to :-(
    I hope you will improve the interface.

  • Sorry, not loving the change at all. I’m finding it much more involved to generate my project’s report. I’m with Jirka, too many clicks. Also, now, it doesn’t show the client and time in the report.

    • All the old features are still there, please take a minute and read all the dropdown items – they are self explanatory. For some types of reports it takes a couple of more clicks for others less clicks.

  • We love the new transparency!

    If we could ask for something more, it would be the possibility to have projects with many clients.

    Best Regards

  • Also our book keeping firm asks for a “journal of invoices” (a list with invoice numbers, date, amount, tax, )

    Best Regards

  • Great! Love the new reporting possibilities.
    Especially being able to save the reports and also being able to save static reports next to the live ones.

  • How do I edit these new (sorry, but crappy way to roll out this type of change) “live reports”? It seems that the only way to do this is to have (hopefully) already set up and saved a report “preset” and then create a new live report using that template just to make a temporary change to view some other (similar) report.

    I guess the time of relying upon Paymo religiously for keeping track of what I work, when is up… time to start looking for a replacement. Without a good, user friendly, reporting setup — and having to constantly create new versions of reports instead of just a one-off — makes any time tracking software pointless.

  • Mara Alexander says:
    March 27, 2012 at 11:32 pm

    There is MUCH to love about these changes, definitely a few steps in the right direction, and something that I have wanted from Paymo for a while!

    I have an issue with the email that gets sent out, however. Any chance you could add it into the email templates section, so it could be customized?

    The email I use to receive reports is NOT the same email I give to clients. The contact email clients get actually filters into an online support desk, which obviously I wouldn’t want to have reports, etc sent to.

    Other than that, this looks great, thanks so much!

  • Pavel Kostenko says:
    March 28, 2012 at 6:45 am

    It would be nice to have an “Edit” feature for Live Report, so I can change the name of report, or add/change some details.

  • Pavel Kostenko says:
    March 28, 2012 at 6:53 am

    Also it would be nice to have price for all work displayed in Report. So my client can instantly see how much he need to pay me, whithout doing calculations or without me sending him an invoice. This feature can be optional.

  • The editing feature will be available in the following month.

  • Hi guys,
    Might be a stupid question…but any new user i setup on our account can view Paymo with the new design and layout. However my original account is still displayed as the old design with the brown header and tab-styles. Any way to switch this over?

  • Where are the reports by project gone?

  • Steve Pretzel says:
    March 31, 2012 at 9:22 am

    Sorry guys – I’ve tried to like these changes but I can’t. The concept is good, and when there is an Edit and Save As feature we will have the flexibility we need. BUT … at the moment I’m stymied. I can either go through all the pain of creating every variation of every report as a new report from scratch (a significant and unnecessary waste of time) OR I can wait a month without reports to get the Edit feature (and I still don’t know whether that will have a Save As feature!). Neither option is at all palatable.

  • Editing and Save/Save As functionality was added to the reports. Thanks everyone for the feedback.

  • Love these features. Would also love it if I could opt to share certain documents in this area (like a PDF of design comps for review).

    Keep up the awesome work!

  • We use the report feature frequently to accompany our invoices and we like it a lot. But as I never want to show the exact time during the day when the work was done I manually have to remove that information (9:00-11:30 etc.). My request would be to have the option of not showing time when creating a report, ie just hours sorted per day. The reason we don’t show the exact time is that it requires so much more when you logg the time.

  • Is there a way to automate emailing of reports?

  • I am a fairly new Paymo user, and so far I love it. I am a virtual assistant and currently, I put the original order from my client, and the final product in this section (audio, fax or email).

    Do you have any plans to make the “project” tab available to share with the clients as well? This would help me in my business a great deal.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Removing time entries from the report removes the notes and leaves the total hours. Options should exist so this does not happen. Many businesses will want to account for their hours for internal purposes but bill their clients on a project basis and do not share their hours with their client. In this case a report that includes all non blank note items would be ideal so the client is kept aware of the services provided.

  • I would value the ability to see all active projects and tasks, filterable and sortable by staff member, status, priority, due date, etc, and all in tight little boxes that display everything very concisely in a tight, detail rich view.

    Sounds like a lot, but I’m really just asking for a Drupal or SalesForce style view where there’s lots of flexibility for choosing and displaying the data.

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