Paymo 3 Beta – Major Update

Hi there, today we rolled out a major update to the Paymo 3 beta app. We’ve been hard at work in the past months and focused a lot of our energy in the following areas:

  • bug fixing – well over 100 bugs have been fixed
  • system stability and speed optimizations
  • redesigned & improved task handling

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 12.07.02The new tasks component was redesigned in order to improve:

  • inline editing & keyboard support
  • speed with task operations and task editing
  • better drag & drop support
  • other small improvements

We’re also developing a brand new mobile app (iOS & Android) with tons of new features over the previous version. We’ll keep you updated as things progress.

If you notice any kind of bugs please submit them via the built in feedback form from the app. At the moment we’re not accepting new ideas and suggestions, this process will start again after Paymo 3 will be released.

42 Responses to “Paymo 3 Beta – Major Update”
  • Hi there,

    I am trying to log in to the Paymo beta app and all I see is the loading bar.

  • New update does not work due to permissions

  • Theresa Sutter says:
    February 21, 2014 at 2:42 pm

    Great thanks for the news! However, I can no longer log into my already migrated Beta 3 app! I am afraid all my time is lost if I “migrate” again! Help!

  • I cannot login to the beta anymore. After entering my login, it just sits forever on the loading page.

  • Loading issued are fixed now.

  • Hello,
    In Paymo v.2, it was possible to have an invoicing tax percent with 3 decimals. It’s not possible anymore with Paymo v.3. The tax percentage value is rounded to 2 decimals.
    In Quebec (Canada), the provincial tax is at 9.975% so Paymo 3 is unusable for us!
    Thank you for your consideration.

  • hi, i want to open a new project but i cant log in. i input my email and passowrd and nothing happens…

  • Hey,

    Looks like a few good things I have a couple of comments though.

    1. I’m not using paymo currently but I have before I would transition my team to it now but the pricing is too up in the air. Can you confirm that paymo 3 will costing will be similar to paymo 2?

    2. I tried to install the mac widget and got an error – The following disk images could not be opened – reason: No mountable file systems – PaymoWidget_mac_4.0.7 9.12.11 PM.dmg

    3. We work on a lot of fixed price projects where we have an ideal minimum hourly earning. If a project could be flagged as a fixed price and then display the current hourly rate (logged hours + remaining estimate) on the main overview that would be a great time saver for us.

    So yeah, looks great, I really want to move the team over just need to be sure the pricing isn’t going to be drastically different.

    • Hi Jack,
      1. the pricing will remain the same
      2. try to downlaod the dmg file with a different browser (if you havea anti-virus/net security apps these might interfere with the download)
      3. fixed price projects is something we will be looking into at a later stage

      • Hey again,

        Thats great, we’ll start transitioning soon. I am still having a bug with the mac widget though.

        I managed to get the the widget open by downloading it through safari but when I installed it didn’t ask if I wanted it to be installed as a widget. I just had the option of dropping it into applications. That would be fine too, but when I open it the position is locked top left of the screen. So much so that part of the app is below the top system bar.

        Any ideas?

        • Sorry quick bump,

          I managed to get the the widget open by downloading it through safari but when I installed it didn’t ask if I wanted it to be installed as a widget.

          I only had the option of dropping it into applications. That would be fine too, but when I open it the position is locked top left of the screen. So much so that part of the app is below the top system bar.

          Any ideas?

  • Andrew Wilson says:
    February 25, 2014 at 11:48 am

    Lots of problems loading Paymo 3 since the new updates. In order to get it to load reliably, I have to clear my browser cache, otherwise it just sits at the loading page displaying the moving bars in the middle of the screen. It behaves like this in both IE (ver 11) and FireFox (ver 27).

  • Hello all,

    I’m an IT Consultant, I provide a wide range of Information Technology services from Systems Administration, Web Services, Hosting, Development, Security and etc.

    I see a lot of people using the BETA version already, can some of you comment if you’re already using it in production or are you just testing the BETA version?

    I’m currently using freshbooks, however since I’ve come across paymo Beta 3.0, I was really impressed and was ready to switch over. However I have a few concerns.

    Some issues I see which I am concerned:

    Loading issues, slowness
    Broken Links or it doesn’t go no where

    Biggest concern:
    Adding times/dates, most of the times it works, however I have noticed small issues where it would post to the correct project or not. I could be going crazy, but I’m sure I’ve seen it more than once.

    Don’t get me wrong, this is a great product. I just need assurance whether or not if this is production ready/certified or not.


  • One more thing I’d like to add, is if there is plans to integrate with google, xero, quickbooks, toggl or any other apps out there. Maybe

  • Hi,
    the language (portugues (Brazil)) not working

  • The mac widget seems to be locked to the top left of my screen, and runs as an app rather than a native mac widget (like the old version). I can’t use it in this position as I have my dock on the left and the app is partially covered by the system status bar. How can I fix this?

  • Love Paymo 3! I just hope the iPhone app won’t be for iOS 7 only. Please start it at iOS 6!

  • Paymo 3 looks like its coming along nicely!

    Question, once I’ve imported the 2.0 data into 3.0, is the database multi-user for the rest of my team?

  • Just want to say I think things are looking great and working well. This is a huge improvement over Paymo 2 – really great work!

    Can’t wait to be out of Beta for syncing reasons but it’s working well for my team.


  • hello,

    Paymo is really very helpful to our team, we have recently subscribed on v2 and have started building the data. Can I ask if our subscription for V2 will be carried over to the V3 after migrating? (when V3 goes live). Are we able to keep all our data intact?


    • Hey Robert,
      really glad Paymo is working out for your team! V3 is currently free for any number of users, after the beta will end you will have to create a subscription. Data added durring the beta will stay.

  • I’ve imported my stuff to beta and have been using it. Problem is my old paymo 2 is still sending invoice reminders and my data is out of date. Can I sync somehow or what’s the best way to handle the migration?

  • Is Kashflow integration not functional in Beta?

  • Arno Meijerink says:
    March 27, 2014 at 1:14 pm

    Hello Paymo!

    We have some questions:

    - when will v3 be out of beta?
    - do you have your list of things you work on, so we know we are not asking you stuff you already have on your list?
    - we switched back to v2 after migrating directly after the beta came out (too much bugs at the time). however, I see many omprovements and want to migrate all new data to V3 again. However, I do not want duplicate invoices/tasks/etc. How do we delete everything from v3 and then migrate v2 stuff to v3?

    Specific questions:
    - How do we change the “CSS classes” within the option design your own?
    - Also, will the option from v2 to have multiple languages for invoices return?


    Arno Meijerink
    IM Lounge

    • Hi Arno,
      there’s no set date for the launch yet, it depends heavily on the bug fixing process – but we’re getting close. We don’t have a public roadmap but we’ll be accepting new ideas only after launch. The easiest way would be to delete your current v3 account and then just run the migration script again.
      For the specific questions please use the built in help tool/widget (? icon bottom right corner).

  • Hi,
    Will there come a sync or export for the calender with Google Calender or Office365?

    • Hi Eric,
      we’ll consider GCal export after the launch, but no firm plans at the moment.

      • But that option was in Paymo 2, why not in Paymo 3? This is a very important function for us and for others I guess. If you even don’t have plans for this we consider to look for other tools.

        By the way: Paymo 3 looks great and we are satisfied in general, but it’s a pitty that everything takes so much time and that it’s not clear when the launch is planned. At least you could more clear to customers about the planning.

        • Hi Eric,
          we’re aware it takes a long time – sorry about this, it’s because Paymo 3 is a complete rewrite – years of work from 2 were “lost”. We’re fully focused not on bug fixing and system stability. We have thousands of feature requsts from users, takes a couple of days just to read them – the most requested ones are prioritised. Certain large scale projects are very hard to estimate and we really don’t want to create false expecations and half backed products.

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