Paymo now available on Google Apps Marketplace

Earlier this month we’ve launched a Gmail Paymo gadget and today we’re taking things a step further by launching Paymo for Google Apps.

Anyone using Google Apps will be able to:

  • create tasks in Paymo from any email received in Google Apps Gmail. This is a very cool feature that should save you a lot of time when dealing with customer requests that are sent in via email. With a couple of clicks, without leaving Gmail you can create a new task in Paymo based on the email subject (task name) and the contents of the mail (task description), these of-course can be edited when creating the task.
  • single signon. If you login to your Google Apps account you’ll be able to access your Paymo account from the Google Apps interface without the need to go through login.

Here is how it looks:

Universal Navigation

Contextual Gadget

You can add Paymo to your Google Apps account from the Google Apps Marketplace here.
If you have any questions please use our customer support portal, tweet or comment right here on the blog.

12 Responses to “Paymo now available on Google Apps Marketplace”
  • I just want to say that I love you guys! ;)
    This makes me even more excited than iOS4!

    Congratulations on the Marketplace release!

  • @Müfit Kiper
    Did you find the installation process easy enough?

  • So sweet, so simple so perfect. Very nice!

  • amazing stuff, first in gmail, now google apps.
    Love the product.

  • @Ruslan
    Yes, it is a bit technical to install from the Marketplace but it is Google that needs to streamline the installation process from the Marketplace.
    I have tested a LOT of the Apps in the Marketplace so I am used to it, but I can imagine that it is frustrating for the normal user…

    I am so happy with the Google Apps integration. The threshold got so much lower with it. Will it be possible to import/export contacts as well?

  • We are waiting for users to suggest the integrations they would want :)

    At this point we are still exploring google documentation to see how to best do the authentication part (there is a lot going back and forward between google pages and our pages and that’s not quite nice). There is a thing called 2-legged auth and it allows us to integrate nicely once you install the app for your domain but it think that is only available for premiere accounts :(
    We will certainly try to make the integration as good as possible.
    Please submit ideas to our feedback site and we will continue the discussion there. We are very interested in your integration ideas

  • David Ng says:
    July 18, 2010 at 4:06 am

    I’d like to be able to automatically add my meetings on my calendar onto my paymo timesheet !

    It would be great if they appeared in my timesheets under a different color or tag so that I would know it came from my calendar, and I could decide whether to delete it, because sometimes I might have 2 calendar entries or more in the same time period, because I wanted to keep track of the other one or at least knew when it was happening so I could follow up on it later.

  • Require an android version!

  • @David – sorry not possible at the moment
    @Kamy – we’re considering an android app

  • This looks great, but I am not able to get the contextual gadget in my Apps Gmail. Paymo is installed from market and activated on my Google Apps account. But when I read the emails I see no way of creating a new task in Paymo from it.

    I’m all for an android app too, that can work offline That would be great.


  • Ehm… never mind. A logout/in on google apps solved it.

  • @Thomas: contact us if you have any questions and we’ll be glad to help.

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