Paymo Time Tracker 2.0 Beta

Dear Paymo users, we’re happy to announce the beta release of Paymo Time Tracker version 2.0. The new version contains a lot of new features that we hope you’ll enjoy.
(to enjoy the full features we recommend installing Google Gears)


  • ability to work offline and sync the data with the Paymo server once an internet connection is available. To use this feature Google Gears must be installed on your computer and the time tracker must be run at least once with a internet connection available. This freature works with the following browsers/platforms:
    - WIN: IE (desktop app) & Firefox
    - MAC: Firefox
  • immunity from network failures (your time won’t be lost even if your internet connection is down. this feature is available without installing Google Gears)
  • ability to add tasks directly from the time tracker client
  • idle detection (win&mac)
  • customizable date/time formats per user are now reflected in the time tracker client
  • workday start and end period are reflected in the time tracker client
  • resizable interface

To download the beta version of the time tracker please click on the following links:

Windows: EXE | ZIP

Mac: Widget

30 Responses to “Paymo Time Tracker 2.0 Beta”
  • Thanks so much for your continued development of PayMo. I’ve tried a bunch of different methods for tracking my time for consulting clients, and this is the best. I’ve downloaded and starting using the beta tracker, and it’s been smooth sailing so far.

    Any plans for additional report customization? It’s been the only thing I’ve been having to tweak in my PayMo experience (I need a weekly report, sorted first by day, then by project).

    Again, great project!

  • This has really changed the way I manage my time. Thank you so much! I’m excited for this new version.

  • Google Gears is nice but for the majority of us with Vista, we’d like to leverage Vista gadgets and the sidebar. Thanks!

  • Very buggy here, can’t even login. Running Vista and IE7 on two different machines and have the same problem.

  • Mike, we’ve sent some questions by email to help us identify the problem. Please check them out when you can.

  • Fantastic job! I’m a new customer and I have worked with several time tracking applications – this is by far the best I’ve tried. Have you considered making an iPhone optimized version? :)

  • marketing guy - Jan Lukacs says:
    May 21, 2008 at 3:03 pm

    We’re glad you like the service. We’re currently working on a invoicing module, but a iphone version is in the plans this year. We have customers who use the web version of the tracker on the IPhone, you might want to give that a try.

  • Hi,

    I noticed that the new version of time tracker makes use of Google Gears to go offline as required – however I also saw that Linux wasn’t included in the list of supported platforms although Google Gears runs in Linux ( see ).

    Is there any chance it will be available for Linux in future?

    BTW just started using your service and it is head and shoulders above most systems – particularly with regard to usability. Keep up the good work.

  • Dear Ollie, thanks for the appreciations. Theoretically the web client should work just fine under Linux with Gears installed (we haven’t had the time to test it yet)

  • More report customization would be nice…I need a bi-weekly option that I can preset the dates for and save

  • In the offline tracker, I can input entry notes. But why there is no way to view these entries on Paymo account or in Report?

  • Chao, is this happening only when you’re offline? If you’re online and you add notes do they show up in the reports?

  • Chao, the notes are not displayed in the reports but you can find them in “Users” section. Go to “Users”, click on the user (yourself) and next to the picture you will see a graph “Time spent working during week”. Click on any particular day to see all the entries including the notes

  • Chao, i was wrong, you can see the notes in reports if you check “Show time entries”

  • Toni Fredette says:
    July 8, 2008 at 9:07 pm


    I’m new to Paymo. I love the simplicity and ease of use. I really like the widget interface. I do have a question or two.

    When I enter a task, I’d like to be able to enter more detailed information (a description of the task). Is this possible? If this functionality is available and I am just missing it could someone point me in the right direction. Or, if this isn’t an available function, are there plans to add this type of feature?

    Also, is there a corresponding Paymo Beta version for the web interface or was the beta just for the widget?



  • Hi there Toni,
    you can enter a description of the task in the input box that says (entry note) in the 2.0 beta. As answered right about your comment you can see those notes if your review the daily timesheets of the user or in Reports. You can use the 2.0 beta web version by using the following url:
    Please contact us using the form on the website if you need anything else.

  • Toni Fredette says:
    July 9, 2008 at 3:30 pm

    Hello Jan,

    thanks for such a quick response!

    I didn’t phrase my question clearly enough. When I create a new task, I’d like to add a more detailed description of the task to remind the user assigned to the task of any special cases to consider in doing the task. It seems that the entry note box appears to only save information when you mark a task as completed.

    I think your product is awesome. For our small distributed group, this is one additional feature that would be extremely valuable.

    Are there any plans to add this to the paymo product?


  • Toni, we’re not planning right now to add an extra field as a description to a task. The reason is that we like to keep features to the minimum and make everything usable and simple.
    Regarding the task notes, they are saved each time you hit the stop button on your timer not only when you mark the task as complete.

  • It would be awesome if you could add a “Notes” element for each individual client. It was be even more awesome if you could make some notes admin view only (or all of them would be fine too). ;-)

  • It grubs my CPU…

  • marketing guy - Jan Lukacs says:
    July 14, 2008 at 11:20 am

    Dear Xeniya,
    please send us more details about your problem to support @ and we’ll investigate.

  • Thanks for the great service. Paymo is not just free, but one of the best time tracking apps I’ve seen.
    Here is another request for iphone native app. I can use web version on Safari in the mean time, but it appears the tracking stops when iphone is left untouched for some time. Native app will be great for increasing iPhone users. (Here is hope Apple starts to support background job on iPhone soon since it will be really useful for Paymo type apps.)

  • What causes “automatic stop” ?
    network outages ? idle time ?
    If it’s idle time – is there a way to adjust it ?

  • Tom, it’s idle time. Just right click the Paymo icon in the tray and go to settings, you can change the idle time there. If you’re on a Mac click on the widget settings icon (i) and edit the idle time.

  • Thanks Jan – I guess I should have put this on the “out of Beta” page !

  • Is there a reason you removed the option of having mouse-over on the tooltray bring up the Client?
    I found this really convenient and good ergonomically – along with the one-click to start / stop the timer and the click away and it disappears behaviour. Would love to have this back as an option.

  • Dear Paymo,

    I’ve been using the time tracker for close to a month, and absolutely love it. Best solution I have found so far. I have gotten my entire PR department up and running with the time tracker, 3 users at this point, but more to come shortly. I am now just getting a few bugs with the desktop widget, such as not being able to log entries in intervals other than 1 hour. Didn’t have this problem before, and some of my other users are not able to load their desktop widgets. The widget shows up on screen, but appears only in blank white (no drop-down menus). Would appreciate any support you may be able to offer. Thank you.

  • Travis, please try using the new beta version. It contains a lot of bug fixes and improvements.

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