Paymo Time Tracker – Firefox add-on Time Tracker is third-party Firefox add-on plugin that helps with tracking your time using the Paymo API. This plugin can be considered as a lightweight alternative to the official desktop widget, at least to web developers which spend most of their time using Mozilla Firefox as their main development browser.

Before using this plugin, you’ll need to set your API key, username and password in plugin’s Options. The API key can be found easily in your Paymo account on the Company Settings page. This plugin adds a small statusbar icon to your browser. You can track your time using the popup menus which can be accessed by left/right clicking on it.

While the current version doesn’t give you the possibility to add or edit the projects and tasks, future versions might include these as well.

Here are some screenshots of the plugin in action:

You can download and install this plugin from the Mozilla Add-ons page. Also, you can check out the source, fork it on Github and make your own changes to it. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

About the author:

This plugin was created and released as open-source by Valentin Agachi, an experienced web developer. For the past years, Valentin has worked on both front-end and back-end development over at CodingHeads, providing services like layout conversion to XHTML/HTML5/CSS code and custom WordPress themes development.

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