Paymo – What’s next?

We’ve received a lot of feedback, and many of you have asked for new features. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular user requests and added our own ideas. Here’s what we will be working on in the following months:

  • Invoicing Module - This will be a commercial upgrade, that will allow you to create branded invoices based on your time reports
  • API – We’ll be releasing an API that will allow anyone with programming skills to use the data stored in their Paymo accounts
  • Project & Task Priorities – This is a very popular request, that will enable setting priorities to projects and tasks, and display them accordingly in the widget
  • Windows App Idle Detection – We’ll be adding a idle feature to the windows app, that will stop the timer if there’s no activity on the computer.
  • Usability Upgrades

If you feel you can contribute, please send us comments via the blog.

20 Responses to “Paymo – What’s next?”
  • Really have enjoyed trying out the product this week, and it’s quite close to being the solution I’ve been looking for since I went freelance nearly five months ago; time tracking has been a constant struggle.

    Some feature requests:
    * Windows idle detection sounds useful, but please make it something users can turn on or off, as I use Paymo to also track phone calls!
    * At least once a day, I get a message stating there’s a conflicting time on my tracker when none can be seen. To make matters worse, after this message pops up, the time I *had* been tracking and trying to entire is cleared from the screen. This has been my #1 frustration using Paymo.
    * I like the way reports break things out by user and project, but it would be even more useful if I could print a weekly report of how I spent my time on a daily basis by project; thus far, I have only been able to see the weekly overview or generate an individual report for each day.

    Really appreciate the project and look forward to seeing more control and features added.

  • Also, just ran into a bug. When I try to generate my report as a PDF, I get the following error screen:

    FPDF error: Unsupported image type: gif

  • Angel, the bugs were submited to the dev team. If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • A small bug. I worked from 11pm to 01am, and in reports the working hours do not show, not in today or yesterday reports.. that’s because I stared to work on one day and i finished another calendaristic day?

  • We’re checking on it, should be fixed soon.

  • I’d like to see hierarchical projects or at least time budgets on tasks. I’m currently using Tick ( for tracking my time, as it performs quite well, but I’m thinking about changing to PayMo.

  • when i upload png image, it goes blank. but jpg are ok

  • I think it could be a great thing if the PayMo window could work also OFFLINE. I’m not always connected to internet but soon I need to time track my work. Do you think that this feature will be available in the future?

  • Dear Mario, having the time tracker work offline is something we’d like to accomplish in the future, however there are some technological problems that prevent this happening in the near future.
    But i hope we’ll be able to create this feature too during this year.

  • Hi, the product is great! please keep it simple!
    my update requests:
    - possibility to enter manually spent hours. For instance adding worked hours you did but forgot to track
    - Idle detection also for mac. When the computer goes to sleep or there is not activity the time will stop
    - Multi-Tracing (not a must): you could track different tasks at the same time

    this is all from my side. keep going

  • Dear Muri,
    you have the possibility to enter time manually right now. If you click on the manage time tab, and click on an empty “time frame” you can add time manually. Thank you for the feedback.

  • Mario, we’ll have a new time tracker version out in the following weeks that will allow it to work offline too!

  • Woow, thanks a lot! now Paymo it’s perfect for all my goals (i will track all my future freelance jobs)!
    You are doing a great work whith this software. Congratulations!

  • We would really like to have 1 additional field to choose from – and that would be “Client” – so that the 3 pull downs would be Client, Project and Task. Often we are working on many projects for each client – so choosing Client first would seem like the logical hierarchy ot time tracking. Any plans to add soemthign like this?


  • Dear John,
    the philosophy behind the Paymo time tracker interface is to keep it as simple and clean as possible, while keeping it generic.
    Right now we’re not planing to add one more drop-down into the interface, however we’re planing to launch a API that will allow 3rd party developers to create alternative input interfaces that will work with Paymo.
    We can also suggest a quick workaround to this, by adding the client name/initials into the project name.
    If we can help in any other way, don’t hesitate to contact us via the form on the website or the blog.

  • Hi this product looks really nice.
    Is there a way or maybe will be a way to set different working hours for different days? For example I am working on weekends from 12 to 22 and during week from 17 to 24 (I think that those hours are being taken during the performance measurement).

  • Dear JacekZ,
    we’re not planing to implement different workday length hours per day, this will remain a global setting. However you can add time in any time span, and this will be taken into consideration in all reports and performance measures.
    You can add time manually in the edit time tab by clicking on an empty time frame and changing the start and end time to anything you’d like.

  • Michael Kaiser says:
    April 10, 2008 at 1:21 am

    Hi Jan,

    i really like the product so far, but I miss three features:
    - it would be great, if there were an option to mark task or even time entries as billed. Alternatively, there could be a more generic mechanism like tags which allow me to isolate certain tasks to create reports for billing purposes.
    - I would also like to have the possibility to create tasks right in the timer window. It’s a bit of a hassle to always go to the project admin and add the tasks there.
    - Right now, the CSV is not processed correctly by Excel (at least not by my version), so I have to do a lot refomatting to make it understand what’s a date, a time, etc.

    Other than that: great product! I especially like the way you are handling the entry of time values!


  • Any ETA on API?


  • Neo, ETA on the API – end of July.

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