PaymoPlus Beta – new release & Mac version

We’re excited to release today PaymoPlus for Macs. Additionally, we added some new features & bug fixes:

  • Small interface redesign
  • Bug fixed which prevented the app from running on some systems (which we think fixes also the “proxy” issue)
  • Ability to filter the Projects/Tasks tree which helps when there is a big list

We’ll also be releasing a Linux version in the near future, stay tuned!

If you’re already using PaymoPlus ver. 1.0.3 please follow the steps below before upgrading:

1. Stop PaymoPlus
2. Find the files paymoplus.ini and paymoplus.sqlite and copy them to a different directory. If you find files in both Program Files and here usersUSERNAMEappDataLocalPaymoPlus than copy the files from the appData folder
3. Uninstall the current version of PaymoPlus 1.0.3 (to be safe, delete the PaymoPlus directory from Program files)
4. Download and install version 1.0.5
5. Open “Help > About Paymo …” and see where the new version keeps its .ini and .sqlite files.
6. Stop PaymoPlus
7. Copy the files that you saved at step #2 to the new location where the program expects them to be (it’s ok to overwrite the existing ones)

You can download the app here

44 Responses to “PaymoPlus Beta – new release & Mac version”
  • What about the issue with PaymoPlus not remembering login details? Has it been fixed?

  • I’m trying it! Yay! Thanks for the mac version. I’m so excited to see what I get at the end of the day!

  • @Azizur
    It’s probably fixed

    Tell us how it went :)

  • The program asks me to fill in the API key. Does someone know what that is en where to find it?

  • COOL!!! Almost the best app for Mac!

    @Ronald: Log In to your paymo via Browser, click on “Desktop Widget download” and there it is.

  • great! , question: Do we have Support for Proxy on this version?

  • No specific proxy support implemented but we think there is a possibility that the issues other users encountered earlier were not due to a proxy.
    I suggest trying out this version and see if it works

  • Major problem. I just uninstalled old version and trying install it on Windows 7 64bit edition.

    I am getting error:

    The setup files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the program.

  • @Azizur,
    Other ppl succesfully downloaded it, please try to download it again. If it does not work we will check on monday

  • Tried it 3 times already and still not working.

  • @Azizur
    That’s very strange, i just tried it on a xp it downloaded and installed fine … if the files were corrupted it would be an issue for all platforms. We’ll test tomorrow also on a 7 64bit but i doubt it will have problems.

    Try downloading using another browser. If it does not work see if you can downgrade (download again and install) to the 1.0.3 version

  • I’m LOVING it on my mac. Works quietly in the background, then, when I want to, I can go check it out and see where all my time went. I’m often surprised! It’s REALLY terrific! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!

  • @Karin
    I am glad you like it :)
    Don’t forget to “link” the entries at the end of the day with task so they are saved in the backend too.

  • @Ruslan downloaded using Internet Explorer 9 and it worked. I am now wondering why it did not work with FF4.0.1 in windows 7 64bit.

  • Great work! I’ll do now upgrade my version.

  • @Ruslan – yes, I’m going back to do that, and it populates my timesheet. Way awesome!

    But I have a question. If, for example, I sort by hours, and there’s an entry in the 7:00-8:00 hour for Google Chrome for 6:06:54, did that 6hr period of time START in the 7-8am hour or END in the 7-8am hour?

    The app has crashed on me twice, but has restarted well. I’ve probably been moving things around too quickly.

    I really love it. Thank you SO much!!

  • @Karin

    This is interesting, for this to happen (assuming there is no bug) you would have to open Google Chrome and use only it for 6 hours, is that the case? :)
    Anyway, from the top of my head, having an entry > then 1 hour in a 1 hour period means the entry started in that on hour period (but ended later)

    About the crash, did it happen this way?
    You started the app, and before the projects list finished loading you tried to change the calendar to a new day? If that is the case then we are aware of this bug.

  • @Ruslan – I was guessing that if that time period ENDED in the 7-8am hour, then it counted the time that the computer was in sleep mode from when I shut it down at night til when I opened it in the morning. I can’t imagine being only in Chrome for 6 hours! ;)

    I believe the crash happened while I was trying to move something from the center area to the tasks on the left. I’ll try to pay closer attention if it happens again.

  • @Ruslan – This time it crashed, because I clicked on Saturday, and almost instantly realized I meant to click on Friday, so I clicked there. Boom it was gone. I just need to slow down! ;)

  • Looks like the issue with PaymoPlus not remembering login details has NOT been fixed yet. I am surprised!

  • @Karin
    Thank you for the feedback, these are bugs, we’ll see about them

    Can you make a short screencast of the issue and send it to us?
    start fro logged out state, fill in user/pass and check remember me then exit the program then start it again.
    The ability of the program to remember it’s logged in state is dependent on it being able to write to the config file and for some reason it seams like it can not on your system. Please also send along with the screencast the Path to your config file and the “Owner” of that file. Thank you

  • @Azizur
    Please use to communicate

  • Thanks for getting the Mac version out! One thing that I could really benefit from, though, is the ability to track things based on which window is open, rather than the specific functions performed in each program.

    I work primarily in InDesign, and at any given time I may have 5-10 windows open in InDesign, each one for a different project. If PaymoPlus could track the time that was spent on each document in the foreground, THAT would really be perfect… as it is, it doesn’t really help me too much because I can’t separate which projects go with which functions (I use pretty much the same functions for each project)… So if you could look into this, that would be fantastic.

  • @Pam
    That is exactly what PaymoPlus does, it records the program that is running and also the title of the window (which should contain the name of the document you are working on, this is how most programs work).
    Have you clicked the [+] sign next to InDesign?

  • @Ruslan

    Yes, I’m looking at all the activities under InDesign, but rather than listing the names of the windows, it lists the actions performed within InDesign…

    I’ve just been using my regular Paymo widget for Mac, and that works great… I’m just talking about the new PaymoPlus Beta for Mac. It doesn’t seem to show the names of the windows in each program for me.

  • I have not worked with indesigner but from what you are saying it seems like besides the document windows it also has “toolbox” windows which are like any other window so paymo considers it a different window. Unfortunately there is no way to fix this/work around it unless we specifically target InDesigner and we are not planning on writing code for specific applications.

    One thing you could do is use the “group by hour” feature and at the end of the day using all the different window titles you could figure out where the “action windows” belong to.
    For example

    My Project Title
    Color Picker
    Image Size

    This would tell you that “Color Picker” and “Image Size” both belong to “My Project Title”

  • Hello,

    Love the Mac app, really. Nice to see this is also included now.
    As I am working behind a proxy, I can confirm, every time I try logging in, I get a “Network error” thrown back at me.
    Please advise.

  • @Maarten
    I haven’t investigated this but on the first round of search on goolge seems like there are programs out-there that allow you to route the traffic of one application through a proxy.
    One of them is (but please investingate this app, i have not used it and it’s not a recommendation, it’s just an example that it’s possible)

  • @Ruslan, I’ve had a few more crashes, mostly when I’ve tried to do things too quickly, i.e. highlight several things to move to a project, then before they’ve settled, clicking on a new day, or something like that. I told you I needed to slow down! haha! ;)
    I’ve also noticed that It doesn’t read the window titles in Chrome very well. It does a GREAT job in Safari – so I’ve started using Safari more – and am AMAZED!
    Also, now after a few days of using it (and LOVING IT!!!!!) I have a couple of friendly suggestions that would make it work better for me. I’d love if I could add a new task (or even a client and project!) right from within paymo plus. It’s not a huge hassle to go to the site and then refresh PP, but it’d just be a bit quicker. Also, could you make it default that all the projects don’t open expanded? That’s the first thing I do when opening, or refreshing, is collapse all the folders, so I can see better what I need to see.
    Last thing (for today), it’d also be nice if you could set a default time under which things didn’t show up – i.e. anything under 10 seconds just doesn’t show up (unless you ask it to – would be really cool). I move around SO much, so quickly, that I have a gazillion windows recorded in Safari that are only open for 3 seconds or so. It’s not worth the time going back over all of those to figure out where I should categorize them. (Yes, I’ve learned how to sort by time, then just delete the small ones, but it’d be a nice feature).
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for one of the most amazing products I’ve come across in a LONG time. I’m a horrible multi-tasker – and I’m not good at keeping track of my hours – which always ends up hurting me in the end. This is AMAZING!! Thank you!! :)

  • @Karin
    Thank you for kind words and for the feedback :)
    In the next version we will address crashes (for fast users:) )

    Now about all the features you suggested, they are all already there :)

    -Add Task/Tasklist:
    To add a tasklist or task, you right click it’s parent element and select “Add Tasklist” or “Add Task”

    -Hide short entries:
    There is a select under the calendar that says “Hide Entries Under” … use that

    -Collapse all projects
    The application uses “tree controls” and they should behave as standard tree controls on your system
    Try these shortcuts (maybe there are more, you should look them up for your system)

    Cmd-Right = Expand folder (in list view)
    Cmd-Left = Collapse Folder (in list view)
    Opt-Cmd-Right = Expand folder and its subfolders (in list view)

    LEFT ARROW – Collapse the current selection if it is expanded
    NUM LOCK-MINUS SIGN (-) – Collapse the selected folder
    RIGHT ARROW – Expand the current selection if it is collapsed -Or- Select the first subfolder
    NUM LOCK- * Expand all folders below the current selection
    NUM LOCK- PLUS SIGN (+) – Expand the selected folder

    We come from a windows world :) so there is a lot of functionality hidden in “right click” (i know it’s not that usual on mac)
    You could read again the opening article which lists some of the features you might not know about

  • This looks good, I’ve used it for about half an hour today and it appears to work well. I had some problems installing it (on OSX). When I first opened it, I got an error message saying it couldn’t find the ini file, then I entered my details and it crashed. Then I opened it again, and then I received an error saying it couldn’t find the database, then I was prompted to log in. The app worked fine after that. Seems to be all good now though. Same thing happened with a friends mac so you might want to check it out (these were fresh installs, no previous versions).

    Couple of other (small) things:
    - App doesn’t have an icon in dock (would be nice to see an icon)
    - Clicking on the icon in the menubar automatically shows the Paymo Plus window and opens the context menu. The window shouldn’t open when the icon is clicked (I saw the ‘Show Paymo Plus’ item in the context menu, this should open the window instead)

    Apart from that, really good work! Thanks for making this app :)

  • Yeah, Chrome isn’t passing its tab titles through for me. Which wasn’t a problem until 2 days ago when I switched back to Chrome because Firefox was too slow. So now I’m stuck choosing between having tracking work (which is awesome) and having my browser work (which is pretty dang important.) So far, my choice is “try Safari”, but I’m not so sure how well that’ll work out. Any chance you’ll do some special tweaking for Chrome? What if I ask really nicely?

    Pretty please?

  • Chrome is quite important so fixing this is important. We’ll do our best

  • Awesome.

  • I’m sad! recently tested, but still does not work if you are behind a proxy: “Network Error”

  • @Alex
    Yes we know, we thought the “proxy issue” was something else but in the end it really was related to proxy.
    The new version (which will be released in 2-3 days) has in app proxy support.

  • Hi, I’ve got one question and one request:

    Question: How does PaymoPlus deal with asleep / hybernated computers? I often put my computer to sleep while keeping PaymoPlus running, and when I turn it back on, PaymoPlus reports absence of 20 seconds and such like. I mean, I don’t really mind these absences not being counted correctly, but I was wondering.

    Request: Is there any way to get a portable version for the USB? I often work at other people’s offices, and a portable version, with portable database, would be very useful.


  • @Nico: on Windows this will be address in the next version. On Mac we’re still investigating

  • I keep getting a “Network error”-message – no matter what I do. What to do?

  • @Simon.
    What version of PaymoPlus are you using? Try installing the latest one 1.0.7 if you have an older version. In this version, you can try to uncheck “Use SSL communication with Paymo” and see if it works.

  • Hey, Mac users,

    I’m running Tiger 10.4.11 on an iBook G4 (PowerPC). Anyone else try to install this on that system? I can’t find system requirement specs, and don’t know if you have to be on Leopard to run Paymo. I don’t want to risk weird conflicts if it’s untested on my somewhat geriatric system.

  • @ace it probably won’t work but you can try installing it, it can’t mess up anything.

  • I am very disappointed to hear you will not be making an effort to fix the problem that the Paymo Plus App for Mac has with InDesign–that is that the document window names are not being picked up by Paymo and are instead simply labeled with “no title.” You state “we are not planning on writing code for specific applications.” I think that is unwise in this case, because there are a lot of graphic designers that will want to use your product, and many if not most of them work on the Mac and use the Adobe Creative Suite: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, etc., and the Paymo App has the same problem with all of those applications. It makes the App very nearly useless for me. I frequently work on two or more jobs for a client or client(s) during the day, and it’s impossible for me to sort out which project these “no title” window events belong to. Please reconsider; I’ll be a client for life and tell all the designers I know how awesome your product is.

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