PaymoPlus: Effortless Time Tracking for Your Desktop

Today, we’re proud to announce the official launch of PaymoPlus, our Paymo client for Windows and Mac OS X. PaymoPlus is free to all users – including those on the free plan.

One of the greatest problems people encounter when they try and get into time tracking is the need to stop and start the timer to switch between projects. Some people find it adds too much work to their day, and others just don’t remember to maintain the timer between tasks. With PaymoPlus, we’re introducing new technology that changes that.

PaymoPlus tracks your time for you automatically. At the end of the day, you can see exactly how much time you spent doing what at a glance. PaymoPlus accomplishes this by recording not just which application you’re using, but the file or browser tab as well, ensuring detailed, incredibly granular information is recorded so that you don’t miss out on getting paid for a single minute of client time.

At the end of the day, you can simply drag and drop your tracked time into the right project baskets. Or you can automate the process even further by using the fantastic PaymoPlus rule filtering system, which allows you to tell the app which files or apps to associate with which projects. If you’re spending big chunks of time in a specific Photoshop file for that big redesign, you don’t have to worry about constantly sorting your time, for example.

Just as with our widgets, PaymoPlus allows you to use Paymo’s time tracking technology whether you’re online or offline. As long as PaymoPlus is open and recording it will save time even if you’re offline. Next time you go online you will be able to sync everything up.

We work hard to give users an option for every scenario. PaymoPlus joins a line of tools that make time tracking easy in any situation, including desktop widgets for Windows and Mac OS X, browser add-ons for Firefox, and Safari, and mobile applications. Paymo also features integration with Google Apps, Basecamp, KashFlow, Xero and QuickBooks.

PaymoPlus will work for both free and premium Paymo users, and can be downloaded here.

47 Responses to “PaymoPlus: Effortless Time Tracking for Your Desktop”
  • Wish you can add a feature that will take screenshots of the monitor (randomly) so users can not only keep track of their time but document what they are working on as well, with the option to delete the screenshots. This is the kind of tracker they have on and

    Thanks Paymo! :)

  • I agree with Dotty this would be a great feature!!

  • This just made my morning. Gave it a quick test drive and it works seamlessly for my needs. Had been considering a competitor that offered similar features. Since you have rolled this into the base offerings I am here stay.

    Thanks for a great service and now an even greater interface!

  • Why not submit Paymo Plus to Apple Mac App Store?

  • This application is next to useless for Mac users. I’m wondering why you even bothered to release a Mac version. It doesn’t capture documents window names–instead they are almost invariably labeled “(no title)”, so that if you’re working on several different projects for different clients in the same application, there is no way to distinguish them and thus apply time to projects in Paymo accurately. It does diligently track the amount of time spent in each “no title” window, and the amount of time that each palette in InDesign, for example, is active, but what good does that do? Hugely disappointed.

    • Hi Karlos, can you give us a list of apps that do this? With certain apps we need to make some hacks … (for example Adobe stuff).

      • • Adobe: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat
        • Microsoft: Word, Excel, Powerpoint (Outlook is fine for some reason)
        • Paymo Plus. You read that right–Paymo Plus ;-)

        It seems that the only applications that aren’t affected by the problem other than Outlook are browsers, whose windows and tabs are all identified in Paymo. Seems to me that rather than special hacks, there’s something that might correct all of them at once.

        Sorry for the cranky review this morning.

        • We will look into this. Photoshop should be working fine though… strange.

        • Experiencing this issue with Adobe Illustrator. Obviously, when you start a new document, it is “Untitled”, but it’s a shame that the time records can’t be retroactively updated with the title once you save the document.
          Also, it doesn’t seem to recognise when I open a second or third untitled document, they all just get recorded under the same untitled entry.

          To make it even more confusing, there seems to be two records being recorded simultaneously for the same document, part of the time gets recorded under “(no title)” and part of it gets recorded under “Untitled”.

          Fortunately, nearly all the work I do in Adobe Illustrator on any one day will be for a single client, so it’s easy enough to record the time for each day. But if I were to switch between a couple of clients’ work within the same session, I can see how it would get confusing.

          • unfortunately there are some apps that don’t work according to certain standards and we need to make all kinds of hacks for them. We’ll try to cover as many as possible in future updates.

    • Kevin Smith says:
      November 29, 2011 at 2:34 pm

      Think you’ve got it tough? How about running Ubuntu in a Virtual Machine on a Mac? :-)

      How about if you ran a background process that sampled the running processes, filtered out all the common-mode noise, and presented what command-line applications had run during the day.

      Come to think of it, that might work on the Mac too, since it’s kinda “Linuxy”.


    • I don’t know that next to useless for all Mac users is fair — I’ve had it working fine for my use cases for some time.

    • Just bumping the issue in Mac where filenames are not being tracked. Mainly all the Adobe Suites (Illustrator, InDesign, Ps etc…)
      Starting to get a bit confusing especially at the end of the day/week when I go to assign projects to tasks.

      Has this be resolved?

      Thanks in advance

      • Hi Lee,
        we just released a new version yesterday that should address the issue. Did you update PaymoPlus? What version are you using?

        • Nice! Just updated and seems to be solved. Thanks a million.

        • Hi Guys,

          Even though J. Lee says the problem is fixed, it still won’t recognize Adobe Illustrator filenames. Photoshop and Indesign files show with the correct name once saved. Illustrator files always show as “Untitled” or “(no title).” Any news/progress on this or suggested workarounds?

          Thank you!

          • PS: I did try closing out all of the palettes and toolbars in Illustrator to see if Paymo could then recognize the main window. It didn’t work. I also toggled whether window > application frame was on or off.

  • There must be a way to do this.

    I have my projects organized by and under clients logically and most of my project names don’t start with the clients name. Many of my projects even share names across different clients. I would think this way of organizing be very common but seeing how PaymoPlus only displays all active projects and lists them without client grouping all together ordered just alphabetically by project name I can’t seem to find a way to display and/or group projects by client… am I missing something?

  • A video tour would be helpful. I generally try not to install and clog my system unless I understand have a good understanding that its going to work for me. Perhaps this was acquired from a third party and they have a video that you would be willing to share or point us to.

  • Is it, or will it be possible to add projects, clients and tasks on the fly from PaymoPlus desktop?

    • You can add tasks or task lists by right clicking on a task list or a project. You can’t add clients or projects from PaymoPlus – it was not designed for this, you do this from the online interface.

    • I add tasks using the dashboard app quite a bit and have often thought it would be useful to be able to add projects and clients here too. Would save opening browser and logging in. I know I’m being lazy but it would be a nice touch.

  • Many thanks for this app! Would it be possible to catch info also from Eclipse?

  • I installed it and it’s running and my old task list comes up fine BUT

    How do I tell it to count the time to a particular task??

    I’ve tried clicking on task, dragging task. No luck.

    I’m only interested in the tracking seconds and tracking a task without me clicking on START. Not interested in all that other stuff, such as tracking app use. That’s irrelevant for me as I use the same apps for all my tasks.
    Please respond.

    • Please take a look at this thread:
      PaymoPlus records what’s happening on your computer than you associate the recorded time with tasks.

      • Thanks but I can’t separate task and project by Window because as I said above, I use the same apps for different clients. And waiting till the end of the day (or more likely what I think/hope might be the end of the day though it might not be) to record what window goes with what task, no, that is totally too risky.

        What I need is regular Paymo but
        - and OFFERING IMMEDIATE TASK SWITCHING (without having to press a START button)
        like Toggl has. That’s what I thought this was based on your email this morning. No such luck. Too bad.

        Don’t you have other customers like me who use the SAME APPS for different clients/projects?? And many of us have to switch A LOT back and forth between clients each day. How does this help us? I don’t get it.

        • Sorry Angela, in this case this app is not for you. Please understand that there are a LOT of user types/activities and not everyone has the same workflow as you do.

        • Hey Angela, don’t you use separate files/browser tabs for different clients, even if in the same programs? I’m only going off the Mac version I’m using, but I can drag any file or tab from the same app into different client projects. That’s what makes it so powerful for freelancers with multiple clients in my opinion.

  • I’ve downloaded and installed PaymoPlus. It’s diligently timing all my activities in various windows and recording applications and window titles as it should … but it can’t connect to Paymo, despite numerous attempts, and it just keeps working offline, so I don’t have my project or task lists.

    What am I doing wrong? I’ve entered my username and password correctly.

    • Philip, did you get a response? I decided to give it a try today, downloaded, and am experiencing the same thing. I’m guessing somewhere I need to manually enter the API???

    • That is what you need to do, Philip.
      Go to your dashboard in Paymo, company settings
      Grab the data after “Company License Key (API Key)”
      copy and paste it into PaymoPlus when you restart this app

  • Gave it a shot on openSUSE 12.1 Linux. Works like a charm. Previous version was not functional on Linux, while this one works smooth.
    Thanks for this.
    Keep up a good work guys!

  • I like the idea of this paymoplus. I am using it for some weeks now.
    The only thing that I find very annoying is that I now need to have 2 programs running on my desktop. I need paymo plus and I need the time tracker prog to do some rough tracking/editing.
    Would be nice to integrate them in one prog where I could choose to add work on my computer to a project or manually add / type / change time to a project.

    Also annoying is that I cannot drag whole hours/day to one project. I now have to select inside an hour each program and drag this to a project. This is too much work ..;-)

    • Although the hour element is not draggable, you can drag whole hours/day if you select all entries from the list with Ctrl+A. Or you can disable the “Group By Hour” mode (uncheck the checkbox) and you will not have the entries grouped by hours.

  • that’s fabulous feature. great app. cheers

  • Fabulous – this is made for me. Thanks Paymo

  • We will test it und come back with some feedback. Thanx! ;)

  • Thanks for this nice app. I enjoy using it.

  • hello, how do I migrate the time recorded in paymo plus to a specific project? Maybe I am missing something here, but on the PAymo website all that exists are descriptions of what one can do but not any instructions or “how tos”

    • Hi Claire,
      you can drag and drop the time to the project/tasks pane on the left or right click and use the context menu to do that. If you need more help please contact us via the form on the website.

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