The more we use it, the more improved our business is
Name: Jordan Kohl
Company: SiteGoals

Dear Paymo,

At SiteGoals we went from using just email and Google docs (a mess),
to Basecamp, which was a huge improvement at the time. Although we
still love Basecamps simplistic and usable UI, but we always felt
like it was lacking some important features. 37Signals is well known
for always saying no to new features, so we had to find an

We need to be able to do time estimates on projects, then track our
time to compare against those estimates. Paymo allows us to do just
that. There are lots of other time trackers out there, but what sealed
the deal for us on Paymo, was that we could import our information
directly from Basecamp. This allowed us to instantly switch systems
without interrupting our workflow.

Paymo is so simple and easy to use that there is almost no learning
curve. It looks like Basecamp, which makes us happy, but it does so
much more! After just a week of using Paymo, we canceled our
subscription to Basecamp and added enough users for all of our staff.

The ability to track time on both Mac and PC has been extremely useful
considering we have an even mix of both in our office. We now have a
centralized system for all of our staff and all of our projects.

Being developers, we’re also very excited about the API. We’ve already
started using it to display our full estimated budget of work ahead of
us. We’re using that information to help us schedule upcoming projects
and tasks.

Paymo is already a boon to our efficiency and we haven’t even starting
using any of the reporting or invoicing features of the system. The
more we use it, the more improved our business is, and hopefully the
happier our clients become!

Jordan Kohl