We’ve been using it to record time used by our Independent contractor’s through out the U.S.
Name: Steven Skinner
Company: Pengram Direct

Pengram Direct has been using Paymo for time management within our company for almost a year now. We have been been using it to record time used by our Independent Contractor’s located through out the U.S. This web-based time management system is perfect for our comapny because it allows us to track our contractor’s time usage even though we may not be geographically acessible to our contractor’s. It has been an excellent tool for our company and reduced paper and mailing cost as well as increased our productivity. When questions arise we can pull specific reports on a single project, contractor or the entire company’s history. An excellent product and we can not wait for improved versions to become available. Our company deals with a variety of different people on various computing platforms and would like to see a PC Client made available to the user’s of the Linux platform. We would recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a low cost solution for time management especially when dealing with geograhic distances. Thanks Paymo for such an excellent product!

Steven Skinner