Time Management – The First Steps to Improvement

Time management - you either have it under control or you don’t, however we all need to master it to be successful in our projects. To some lucky ones it comes naturally, while others struggle daily to manage their time. It’s time to stop putting out fires and start working! Here are some tips that can help you.

Acknowledging the problem

We see a lot of people that struggle with time management and have a tough time accepting the fact that they have a problem. It might sound silly but that’s the first important step, to acknowledge that you have a problem – that you don’t manage your time as you should. This is the first step where people tend to get stuck and refuse to accept reality.

What’s next?

After you acknowledge your problem, you need to find out where all your time gets lost. As a Paymo Plus user myself, I have to admit that keeping track of your time could be scary at first. You’re living with the impression that you work a lot and you just don’t seem to have enough time for all your tasks, but time tracking might just change that.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, you might not work as much as you think, you’re just not being as productive as you could be and you’re certainly not optimizing your time. If you diligently keep track of your time you will find out where and what you’re wasting it on.

Don’t multitask unless you really have to

Nowadays everything has multitasking built in – our computers multitask, our phones multitask, even we multitask by talking on the phone, eating and getting things done while driving. We tend to do that in every area of our life. As research shows If multitasking becomes your way of life it can be damaging in the long term, and it won’t help you get things done.

To get control over your multitasking you need to map out your to do’s, have some milestones and focus on individual tasks. Doing lots of tasks at the same time will wear you out and the quality of your work will suffer.

Keep track of improvements & optimize

To optimize your time management, you need to check how you’ve improved. The best thing is to check how you’re doing compared to last week and last month and strive to optimize your time and workflow as much as you can.

Having realistic milestones each month will help a great deal, but most importantly you need to be patient with the whole process. it’s impossible to get from no time management to being a time management guru.

Don’t burn yourself out

After a while you will notice that your system works and you’ll start to have some spare time. Enjoy it, don’t get involved in more work use the time to relax and recharge your batteries! Always remember – wise tracking pays more.

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