Timetracker Client – version 2.0

The 2.0 version of the timetracker is out of beta. The users of the online version of the tracker will be automatically upgraded to the new version.
The users of the desktop versions (mac & win) need to uninstall the previous version than download and install the 2.0 version found here:

Important note: the 2.0 version requires Adobe Flash or Google Gears to be installed in order to work. (Google Gears is required for offline mode support, Flash is required to save data if your internet connection fails for a brief period of time). More information ca be found here.

18 Responses to “Timetracker Client – version 2.0”
  • I uninstalled ..cleaned registry cause it wouldn’t install. now the 2.0 client does not work at all..?? dang, I have only been using it a week & was loving it… what can I do to make it work?

  • marketing guy - Jan Lukacs says:
    July 18, 2008 at 10:10 am

    Dear Tina, make sure you have Adobe Flash or Google Gears installed, the new version needs one of these add-ons. If you’re still having trouble please send us more detailed information via the contact form on our site.

  • Is there any chance a linux-client will follow? Perhaps just documenting the API used to communicate with the server would be enough to get third-party clients running…on linux of course ;-)

  • Hey David, the API is in the works. We’ll be releasing it very soon so stay tuned. we like linux too:)

  • Hi Jan, I started analyzing the requests the webclient does and putting this into a simple python-module. Seems to just be HTTP (using GET-parameters) and JSON, so no big deal. If it’s ok with you I was thinking of releasing the code a an open source project (maybe on google code). Currently I have this running: loggin in, fetching project data, printing the data and logging out…in about 60 lines of code (50 for the actual client-lib, 10 lines using the lib, doing the work).

    As I’m currently using Hamster ( for time tracking I was thinking of writing a patch to use Paymo as a data-provider. First code analysis showed, that Hamster might support different storage-engines with little extra work. One great thing would be, that Hamster using Paymo might actually give you more features the official client currently has (see for example).

    So just drop me a line, if this is ok with you.

  • Hi, I first installed earlier version available on your site. Then the application told me to update the new 2.0 version.
    I installed it and then started receiving Run Time Errors.
    Why is this? I have tried re-installation aswell but nothing changed.



  • Dear Riz, please do the following:
    1. check out if you have Flash installed (either Flash or Google Gears needs to be installed for Paymo to work)
    2. clear your Internet Explorer cache
    3. we recommend installing Google Gears

  • Hi, I’ve been trying to uninstall my previous version of Paymo, but I can’t get it totally off my system. I noticed that another commentator had the same problem.

    Any suggestions? I’m running Windows Vista.


  • Installation went smooth, seems to work fine. Thanks for the great tool!
    Too bad the Sunday-to-Saturday listing on the Edit Time tab has been removed, I found that particularly easy to work with. Any chance this will be reconsidered?

  • Peter, the links to each day are still on the Edit Time tab. not sure why you’re not seeing them but i would suggest you take a look at this: it should solve the problem, if it doesn’t send us a screenshot and details about your system to:
    |support @|

  • Hi Jan,

    Clearing the cache fixed it indeed!
    Thanks for your help!

  • Hmm, today same thing again. Clearing the Flash local storage fixes it, but as soon as I select a week day, the list of days disappears again. Strange thing.

  • Katie -

    I have the same problem and I am on Vista SP1! I can’t get the old version off so I can’t get the new version installed. I renamed the .exe file from the Version 1 so that I could possibly install the new version (2.0), and the install worked, but when I bring it up, it still says that I need to upgrade.

    Did you ever get your problem resolved?

  • My problem got resolved indeed. After a couple of days it just worked again but I have no clue what solved it! So sorry for this very lousy feedback :)

  • You mention offline mode, and gears installed when I installed the desktop app, but I’m not seeing how to enable offline mode if web connection is down. Any ideas? Using the non-beta version

  • Pooch, you don’t need to set it to work offline, if the app detects that there is no internet connection it will go offline by itself. The only thing you can’t do while offline is logging in. In order to use the app offline you need to make sure you don’t logout and that you login when there’s a connection available. (hope it makes sense)

  • I’ve been searching for a tool like this, and I’m very glad that I now found it. Hope that all goes well like some of the users here says so, and if any problem comes up, I’ll be sure to drop a comment. I surely loved the new theme btw!

    Joe from jpg to pdf converter

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