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PaymoPlus Time Tracker
Automatic Time Tracking for PC & Mac

With PaymoPlus you can automatically track time on your computer effortlessly, because you don't have to remember to start and stop a timer each time you switch tasks during your work. You can monitor the time you spend online, in applications, documents & email or on specific websites like YouTube or Facebook.

Note: PaymoPlus does not support 3rd party logins (google/yahoo), you need to use your Paymo credentials.
The same great time tracking technology

Everything you love about Paymo is still here, plus more:

  • monitors time spent on your PC/Mac computer
  • easily monitor time spent on projects
  • monitor time wasters like Youtube & Facebook
  • works offline & online
  • available for free on all plans.
Let PaymoPlus keep track of time for you

Do you hate having to remember to stop the timer between tasks so you can select the right project or client? Find that, while you love time tracking in theory, maintaining a time tracker just takes more time from your day?

PaymoPlus has arrived, it keeps an eye on what you're doing for you by monitoring your computer activity. Throughout the day you can see at a glance what you've been working on - be it email, web apps, documents or specific desktop apps. You can quickly assign the tracked to specific tasks from your projects. If you use certain applications, websites and even specific files regularly, you can use the powerful rule filtering system to automatically link time spent to the right projects.