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Testimonials. Don't take our word for it!
Jarrod Morris

Being in the tech industry makes you somewhat of a critic when using software. After trying time tracker after time tracker, our disappointment almost had us to the point of developing our own in house solution. But then we found the diamond in the rough, aka Paymo.... More »

Martin Pitonak

Simply put - awesome web application. More »

Steven Skinner

Pengram Direct has been using Paymo for time management within our company for almost a year now. We have been been using it to record time used by our Independent Contractor's located through out the U.S. This web-based time management system is perfect for our... More »

Sean Callinan

Splitting my time between lecturing and design practice, I needed a quick, simple and effective means for tracking hours, and ensuring that I was quoting and billing realistically. Paymo is always available at my fingertips and wonderfully easy to use, but the tools... More »

Paul Gerth

Paymo has quickly proven to be an outstanding project and time management tool for our web consulting firm. With Paymo, we are now efficiently and effectively tracking time across multiple clients and projects. This results in higher team productivity and more... More »

In general we think that PayMo offers diverse and useful solutions for freelancers, small - and medium sized companies. The idea of this product which offers both online and offline-solutions is very practical, and due to the fast help Paymo offered our company in... More »

Charles Schaefer

When you start your own enterprise the time tracking is one of the most important things that you'll need. Your time as well as the time of your employees and partners must be controlled very well, so you can measure your work performance and correct the areas that... More »

Aaron D. Campbell

Paymo has allowed my business to flourish, helping to assure that we bill the hours we work. It lets me keep my finger on the pulse of the business, and accounting loves the reporting. Thank you Paymo! More »

Chaunna and Justin Brooke

Paymo is a fantastic web2.0 service. I have used it to create weekly timesheets for my online employees. I have 7 total and none of them live in the same city or state. So, having one central hub to track all of my employees time on task has been great and I have... More »

Rob Williams

I needed a solution to manage time for my wife and I in our small business. She's on a Mac, I'm on a PC but we needed something to keep time organized and be able to share with each other what we've been working on. I've tried different time trackers but Paymo did... More »

I spent a good chunk of time searching around the web for free time trackers which also give you the ability to create invoices and run reports. None of the other services that I found where as good as Paymo. Paymo features an easy to use interface, friendly... More »

Mike Chatfield

I have many clients, each with requests for assistance at random times each day. It's necessary for me to provide accurate and fast invoicing quickly. Without paymo, I would not be as efficient. More »

Dr. Kent Gustavson

Paymo has given me a complete overview of my company. I am able to track my employees' hours and work patterns without having to breathe down their necks. And then I can print invoices for clients, time sheets for employees, and track every project in an easy... More »

Angie Commorato

We have been using Paymo for just about a year and it has been a great addition to the way that we operate. The online software allows our partners to easily track their time for the various projects and the reporting tools makes our billing process quick and easy.... More »

Jan Nedved

We didn't know, how much we needed Paymo before we started using it. It is just an awesome tool which helps us track all the work, that our employees and partners do and we can bill our clients straight. We can also sync Paymo with project management system,... More »

Dear Paymo I have been recommending Paymo to many people - it has transformed my working life. As an art-and-design freelancer I was really struggling to keep on top of my timesheets and invoicing and had a complicated system to manage clients. Discovering... More »

Steve Roumeliotis

We have been using Paymo for almost 2 years and just love it. It is extremely easy to use and understand, and a great tool to view your work over any period. Now you know exactly you efficient you are when you complete a project, and it makes it easier to budget new... More »

Jordan Kohl

Dear Paymo, At SiteGoals we went from using just email and Google docs (a mess), to Basecamp, which was a huge improvement at the time. Although we still love Basecamps simplistic and usable UI, but we always felt like it was lacking some important features.... More »

Matthew Gannon

Before Paymo, I had no clue how long things were taking me. Estimating was more or less a shot-in-dark. Now, with Paymo, I have some clarity. Thanks! More »

Nivanka Fonseka

Being the owner of a startup web development business it was really hard for me to track time on different projects. After I found Paymo, it has become really easy. The Mac dashboard widgets are awesome. Time tracking has been a matter of a click when we start a... More »

David Oakley

Paymo rocks. As a Freelance Video Producer I work on loads of different projects and need to track and bill my time. The Widget for Mac and PC makes it really easy to track as I work. The invoicing is super professional and the detail that I can generate impresses my... More »

Richard Merrill

I design custom energy efficiency dashboards and marketing materials for many clients of my company, Intellergy Inc. PayMo is a great energy efficiency tool. It's easy to keep track of time for multiple projects for each client, and when even I get confused, the... More »

Tony Gray

As a new start up company working on my own, I needed a quick and easy way to keep track of projects. I wanted to know time spent on each project, so that I could work out if I was charging the right amount. I also needed something that could be controlled easily, as... More »

Sherri Dickens

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for Paymo! I started my business almost 3 years ago and I couldn't afford timekeeping software, or pretty much anything else for that matter. I found you through the Virtual Assistants Chamber of Commerce where they... More »

Chris Ward

After using basecamp for a couple of years, plus the extra cost of the time tracking feature, plus seperate invoicing software we needed a change. Paymo centralizies all these jobs into an easy to use interface and at a fraction of the cost, great job. More »

Alejandra Bird

Simply, I love it! Paymo really fits me, I'm a graphic and web freelance designer and I found all I need to manage and organize myself, also gives a professional look to my invoices, the final dot to all the hard work. This and much more in a so natural way that... More »

Xavier Lienart

Paymo m'a permis de simplifier mon suivi d'activité client et m'aide à assurer ma facturation sans prise de tête. Grâce à sa génération de rapports soignés, mes clients apprécient mon formalisme. Son mode Web me permet d'assurer un suivi quotidien quel que... More »

Steve Johnstone

I'm a freelance Design Engineer and Paymo is, with doubt the best project management tool I have ever used. The program is very easy and intuitive to use and is packed with really useful features. I now use Paymo for all my invoicing. My clients are thrilled... More »

Paymo is the BEST free time tracker I've found on the internet. It's very user-friendly and I love the fact that I can create reports and invoices, too! Very useful features that other trackers do not offer... THANKS PAYMO! More »

Omar Venturi

I've discovered Paymo ( a time tracker tool with a great set of features, an useful interface and a very easy learning curve. More More »

Ryan Grist

We have been recommending Paymo from the moment we came across it. Angle studios is a marketing company, we find it difficult to keep an accurate track of the hours spent on projects. Simply being able to store time in one place is fantastic. Paymo syncs with our... More »

Erin Tillotson

I have been using Paymo for almost 2 years and love it. The platform is extremely easy to use and syncs seamlessly with the desktop widget, oh and the app on my phone! Adding employees is very easy, and then just assign them to their designated projects. The reports... More »

Paymo has been a pleasure from the start. As a software marketing executive, I am very sensitive to UI design. We use the product through the Chrome app and the iphone app versions. It is easy to set up new clients, build projects and tasks, but most importantly it... More »

Joyce Wahr

I work as a free lance medical writer, working with and for many companies at a time. The Paymo system is an incredible find, allowing me to reliably and quickly track exactly how much time I spend on each project. I simply listed all of my projects and clients one... More »

Michael Howe

Choosing Paymo has to be the best business decision we ever made. This handy service keeps track of every second we spend on a clients project, making sure our billing is accurate and fair every time. But what's even more impressive is the project management and... More »

Stephani Carter

We have been using Paymo since 2009 and we are continuously pleased with the tools and services! Paymo's service is a MUST for any company or large small. The ability to track all time, run reports, create invoices and keep track of clients all in one system has... More »

Hey, I found Paymo, because i was looking for a good system to manage my invoices, time, task and customer data. Before i where using others programs but i was so happy after finding Paymo, because its so easy to use and you only have to pay per user and for a... More »

Ashraf Hagar

Really It is a very productive business software, it give you tools you need to control your staff time and then salaries, in follow your invoices More »

Andy Brown

After much hunting around for a solution to help keep things organised in my design company, I found Paymo. The hunt ended. With time tracking, invoicing, time sheets, and a powerful client and project management system laid out in an intuitive interface, I found... More »

Chris Ruppert

Paymo has helped me to grow my business and accurately track and bill for the work that I provide my clients. It also helps me provide professional invoices to my clients quickly, that I know will be accurate. Paymo is simple to use, powerful, and awesome tool for... More »

Adrian Baciu

After trying lots of different other platforms, we stumbled upon Paymo, as an on-line tracking and management tool. It was love at first site, and now, after tree months of using it, we can say we really came to appreciate its full potential. It's a very... More »

Evette Cumberland

We have tested many time tracking web-based programs and Paymo is by far the best. We are a virtual administrative support and medical billing firm that also offers onsite assistance. Paymo allows us to track everyone's time across multiple locations, clients, and... More »

Claire N Coziahr

Paymo has been indispensable in time tracking for our web and graphic designers. The desktop widget makes it a totally painless task to track time and give clients reports on demand. More »

To Whom it May Concern, As a small business, for the last several years I have worked with mostly home grown solutions for handling my hourly billing cycles. This involved keeping track with my phone, with the computer clock and a number of other less than... More »

Having used Paymo for 3 years to track and organize our design time on studio projects. Paymo just works, it takes the pressure off from having to track our projects with pen and paper. It's revolutionized the way we track our time and has provided great info for... More »

I am a freelance editor. Before I started using Paymo I often struggled to keep track of my various projects and the hours I was working. Sometimes I undercharged clients because I was not recording my hours correctly. Now, with Paymo, I maintain accurate records... More »

I have been working with Paymo for some months now and I only have good things to say about my time with this application. My experience is that Paymo is an easy-to-use application and gives me nice tools for timetracking and a good overview of my past and current... More »

Alfred Gunnarsson

As a freelancer I am always involved in many projects at once. Sometimes I move between more than five projects and clients just under one day! Paymo is a key tool for me keeping track of my time via the webb or on my iPhone. The statistics that i get gives me an... More »

Bob Marshall

Hi - I have been using Paymo for a few weeks and it's already helped to streamline project workflow and analyse time expenditure. It's also made me work more efficiently. I've used other online time trackers in the past but they are over-complex. Paymo is easy and... More »

Paul Guise - development ninja

I'll make this easy for you, dear reader. Whatever time trackers, be it software or web service, you use or have tried before are just laughable, under-featured collections of disparate code. I would even say they are ******* pieces of ***** ***** monkey ****** *****... More »

Narendra Keshkar

I have just started using Paymo few months back and I am got amazed with it. It has all features which you will need to fulfill your needs and has the ability to track your time and project status online and offline both which is a very important tool for me.... More »

Mark Richardson

I represent a new digital creative agency. We are in a period of rapid growth and we needed a way to track billable hours for our clients. We looked at several solutions, both self hosted, and subscription but nothing out there seemed to have the features we needed.... More »

Carol Palmatier

Paymo makes perfect sense for my business. The desktop widget is a dream, and the invoicing is super easy. I've improved my billables, my payment time and my productivity. Paymo makes me more money, and you gotta love that! More »

Shaun Nestor

Paymo is the perfect web-based billing system for small businesses or freelance contractors. Its ability to track time, payments, and web-based invoices makes it a must have for any business owner or freelancer looking to get paid in a timely manner! More »

Tiffany D. Johnson

We've been using Paymo since 2009. All of our team members use it for tracking their time. The tracking is suitable for our business needs and we can easily keep up with the status of the invoices we've sent out. It makes our bookkeeping that much easier to do. It is... More »

Vicki Gauthier

I have been very impressed with Paymo since our company began using it last December to track time on projects and also to create invoices based on that time. It is so easy to pull actual timesheet data into an invoice, and the invoices can be emailed... More »

Tom Ashworth

A lot of project management tools are focussed entirely on "the project" and not on team efficiency and getting paid for the time you put in. Paymo makes sure that our teams time is spent on "paid work" and not just "work". That amongst many other reasons is why we... More »

Martin Woods

We are an SEO company based in Leeds, England and had been using our own in-house time tracking system for several years. Following much deliberation we decided that it would be easier and more cost efficient to look for an outsourced solution. After many hours... More »

Daniel Ender (CEO)

Paymo is the perfect time tracking tool for our company. Its flexibility helps us keeping track of the time spent on different projects and doing a realistic resources analysis. Since Paymo works on every computer and every browser, we can also use it when working... More »