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Easy Reporting
Easily create your reports
Effortless Reporting
Paymo offers one of the most robust reporting systems in the industry, allowing you to create fully customized reports by pulling in any amount or combination of client information.
Creating Reports
You create reports by going to the Reports tab in your account. Here you will see list of your saved reports and you will be able to create new ones. There are two types of reports:
  • static reports offer you a snapshot of your timesheet data at a particular moment in time.
  • live reports offer you up to date information about your timesheets, they are generated each time someone views the live report.
Reports can be shared with your clients, this will give them a clear picture of how time is being spent on their projects. If you share live reports with your clients you they will get a close to real-time view of what's happening.
Customizing Reports
Customizing Reports
You can further customize what information you want to include in each report with advanced settings. You can group your reports by day, exclude non billable tasks, exclude billed time or round up time entries to your minimum billing time. You can also include bar charts directly into the report.