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Time Tracking
Wise tracking pays more
Tracking Time
One of the distinct advantages of the Paymo Time Tracking System is its ability to store time entries with start and end times. Most services only store "cumulative" time, making it difficult for business owners to accurately gauge specifically when the work was done.
On the desktop
On the desktop

Via the PC & Mac time tracking apps & add-ons.
Keep track of your work right on your desktop and never exit your work with these handy tools! You can apply your time to a particular client/task inside the app. You can even edit your time or add a new task without having to go into the Paymo online platform! If you're looking for automatic time tracking and time monitoring we recommend PaymoPlus, a desktop app that monitors time spent online and on your computer effortlessly.

On your mobile
Via the free Paymo apps for iPhone and Android smartphones
Need to record the time you spend at a client's site, or the time it takes you to get to and from a client? It's easy with Paymo's free mobile apps. You can use Paymo time tracker for iPhone or Paymo time tracker for Android by downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play. Login, and Paymo will push all of your client and task information right to your phone. Choose the Project and Task, start the timer, and the information will be automatically updated to your Paymo dashboard.
On your mobile
On the web
On the web

Via the online timer available when you sign in to your account
There is a timer available inside the Paymo platform, the fastest way to track and store the time spent on a Task for a particular client. To access the timer, simply click on the "Timer" tab located between "My Tasks" and "Clients" at the your Paymo dashboard.

Via the Add Bulk Time form located on the My Timesheet page.
OOPS — did you forget to push "Start" on the timer? Or perhaps you were working at a location where you didn't have access to Paymo via your phone or computer? With Paymo's Add Bulk Time feature, you can easily add blocks of time spent on a particular Project or Task. Simply click on the "My Timesheet" tab located between "Milestones" and "My Tasks" at the top of your Paymo dashboard. This fourth option is also perfect for users who do not want or need to log the start/end times of the task, but just need to quickly keep track of time.